Woman molestation in Quarantine Center, pressurized to say 'I love you'

Jun 23 2020 01:20 PM
Woman molestation in Quarantine Center, pressurized to say 'I love you'

Nowadays the increasing cases of crime are shocking everyone. In this case, the case that has come up is from Maharashtra. Cases of coronavirus infection are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra. According to the information received recently, the situation in Mumbai is also worrying. A large number of patients have been living in Quarantine Centers in Mumbai and now incidents of crime are also coming out in these Quarantine Centers. On Monday, a similar case has occurred in a quarantine center located in Malad, Mumbai. Here two people have molested a woman.

Senior Police Inspector Vitthal Shinde gave information about this incident of molestation in the Quarantine Center of Malad. He says that a report has been filed against two people for molesting the woman. While talking in this case, he said that one of the accused has also been arrested. He says that the accused arrested is contract labor in BMC. He was forcing the woman to say I love you.

Police is constantly investigating in this matter, but so far it has not been known whether the woman is working in a quarantine center or she has been admitted as a patient there. 3721 new cases of Coronavirus infection have come up in Maharashtra on Monday. 62 people have died. Total corona cases in the state have increased to 1,35,796. Not only this but 6283 people have lost their lives.

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