Mumbai’s leading car dealer Karan Asrani shares some tips to keep your vehicle in good condition

The primary reason for any individual to buy a vehicle is to commute from one place to the other. However, over the years, the shelf life of any automobile deteriorates which is quite normal. In other words, automobiles have a depreciation value, especially four-wheelers. Be it a passenger or commercial vehicle, it is significant to take utmost care of them. Eventually, the health of any vehicle breaks down as per usage, and it is crucial to maintain its good condition. Giving an insight into it, Mumbai’s leading car dealer and entrepreneur Karan Asrani gives some useful tips.
Mr Karan is the CEO of Krishna Group and has his association with Tata Motors, My TVS, Mahindra & Mahindra and Mahindra First Choice. Krishna Group deals in the sales of both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. While many buyers are sceptical about the maintenance after purchasing any vehicle, they should always refer to the user manual of the car or any other vehicle. It will help them know the car’s appetite and will give them a proper understanding of what the car needs in what quantity (engine oil, brake oil etc.) 

Another significant aspect shared by Karan Asrani is that you should regularly check the vehicle’s tyre pressure. “When your car’s tyre pressure is maintained, it will have a better life. And if not, it may result in rapid wear and tear. Therefore, keep a regular check to avoid internal and external damage leading to sudden and catastrophic tyre failure”, says Karan. 

Other than this, the car knows how to communicate with its owner. To keep it simple, when a car communicates, it usually gives warning signals. For better car maintenance Karan suggests keeping a tab on warning lights, be it improperly closed doors, check-engine alerts or fuel refilling alerts.
Apart from this, another basic way of maintaining a vehicle as per the car dealer is to keep a check on the brake fluid at regular intervals. “You should not forget to change lubricants and oil filters periodically. In addition, change the cabin car air filter and keep an eye if there is a faulty spark plug”, added Karan. Lastly, the very essential thing according to Karan is that vehicles should always be serviced at the authorized and OEM service centres.  

Many people think that authorized service centres charge a whopping amount for the servicing of vehicles. However, Karan Asrani breaks the myth by stating that the authorized service centres in today’s time give warranty on spare parts that have been changed. These are some of the important tips as suggested by the CEO of Krishna Group. If you do this, you will not only improve your car's health but will also end up saving a lot of money.

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