Mushkan Arora, a director and producer is releasing her first music video "Feel Alive" on YouTube, stay tuned.

We are proud to represent Mushkan Arora, a director and producer of the recently released music video " Feel Alive '' on youtube in co- production with apoorv arora films( a los angeles, california film production company). This music video has been released all over the globe. She is a hard working and determined person who dreamed of her success and worked for it. She is becoming sensational in the music world. 

This music video shows the life of a lonesome painter who endeavours to find encouragement in his previous work.then he ends up meeting a girl who changes his life and world completely. She brings colours to his life and changes him totally as a person by making him completely a better person. 

Indeed she faced a lot of problems and practised struggle in this field but after being in contact with the production house, her work got easier because of the transparency between the two. Some challenges came across her way like permits in Los Angeles, creating a crew that could take this load, but after all, everything and everyone worked well. The visuals are amazing. DOP Siddhant Chaturvedi has taken responsibility that shots should be taken in a beautiful and unique way. The team has arranged casting calls for actors and finally they got the stars of the music video. Styr Juliusson and Maria Kachnyska, both worked well in the video and helped Muskan by conveying her message to everyone and made her work easier than expected. They both made the video tremendously outstanding. This sensation was also covered by Entrepreneur Ethics. 

Every successful journey has a starting point. Mushkan has decided to do this all after a thought came to her mind of making a music video. She came into contact with apoorv arora films production house in california and they assisted her well and also helped her to achieve that dream. Her only motive behind making this music video was, as a director she just wanted everyone to know how lonely every artist feels in their everyday lives and only ended up facing self doubt. By this music video, she has beautifully represented her idea and got successful in conveying her thoughts in a fantastic manner. 

The sources said, Mrunal Pawade, the Wardrobe Head, has done an amazing job by giving all his attention to the outfits that the actors wore. His vision of presenting how a person chooses colors when he's in love was mind blowing. 

At the end, the entire team has worked well all together. With great dedication and hope, Mushkan Arora has finally been able to release this music video. She really faced struggle in this journey of music video but she never gave up and continued to implement her thoughts and this is the reason for her success today. Apoorv Arora Films really made everything easier for her and motivates her to walk on this path. Mushkan Arora was the director but she showed her contribution in every department like how to create a world of the characters of the video, set dressing with her production design team. Also faced some more problems because of the restriction of shoot in certain locations. Despite every problem and every restriction, she has proved herself and finally she brings out this music video pretty well. We hope she continues to shine in this field and bring some more music videos for everyone around there. 

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