Biggest Music Festival celebrated in the island of Britain amid Corona period

Sep 03 2020 12:12 PM
Biggest Music Festival celebrated in the island of Britain amid Corona period

Amid outbreak of Corona infection, party, music festival or concert etc. has become like a dream. Adherence to physical distance has become the first priority of all at this time. In such a situation, a music festival has been organized in the island of Guernsey, UK. Actually, Guernsey Island was declared corona free in the month of April. Then on August 30, the 44th 'Vale Earth Fair'-music festival was planned here. Its interesting thing is that this festival is one of the longest running music festivals.

The island of Guernsey is famous worldwide for its cow and milk. The last corona case was filed about a hundred days ago. After this, there is no new case of corona here, so it was not considered necessary to follow rules like physical distance during the festival. In the six hundred year old palace on the Biw, 3000 island residents organized the Vale Earth Fair. This twelve-hour music festival is believed to be the biggest event in the Corona era so far.

However, this time no one was called from outside to give performance in the festival. All volunteers organized this event. Old festival items are going to be added to it. 70 local music performances were included in the fest. Jade Kersh of the Well Earth Fair organization has to say that tickets have not been sold this year.

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