'Music is my passion and entrepreneurship is contentment to me", says singer and digital marketing expert Santosh Sapkota

There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela It is said that if you have a talent and the courage to consistently work towards your passion, then there is no zenith to your success. Whereas it is also true that living a life of your dreams comes with a cost and not everyone can be brave enough to pay it.

Santosh Sapkota also faced the similar circumstances of either settling for a life that was modest or to  live his dream life where he would be doing what he felt the most connected to. But belonging to a small town in Rupandehi, Nepal, he was born to a middle-class family where sustaining a livelihood was given more importance than pursuing your passions.

Santosh tried his hands on the internet to learn concepts related to digital marketing when he slowly found his knack in providing effective online solutions to several client's who were visibly impressed by his dexterity and dedication. This was the time when he begun working with several clients's from the music industry and got the opportunity of recording and creating songs that were loved, soon, he was working on his passion and was also collaborating with people from the music industry on other projects as well.

When asked about this switch, he says,"Music has always been my soul food, initially I put more focus on my digital marketing career but somehow music always found me, I feel very fortunate to have been able to touch individuals with my music and will continue to do so in the future'.

"If I am asked to give any tips to millennials, it would be to keep learning and growing, no matter, what industry you are in, you have to treat your passion with commitment that is undeterred, lakhs of individuals have the same dream as you, but only countable make it to the achievers list, do everything that it takes but don't give up', says the songwriter, singer and recording artist on the question of giving some tips to the youth to ace the entrepreneurship life.

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