Musician Omen on delivering more than 20 startling performances in December 2021

December is always the mirthful and euphoric month of the year. From Christmas to New Year's Eve and jolly holidays, none of these can be tripped over at any cost. In such a happy-go-lucky climate, there is always a musician that fuels the vitality of the masses. One such stupefying artist is Omen who has elevated the mood of countless people with his electrifying music and DJing. 

Also goes by Prateek Goel, Omen has been energizing the music industry and humankind with this full of beans mood and zippy music. The young musician is particularly known for his bright and breezy performances. Aren’t we aware of the liveliest events that happen continually in the month of December? We are. Discussing on which Omen delivered a total of 23 performances in the end month of the year 2021. 
When asked about his ceaseless stamina and vigour while giving spectacular back-to-back performances, Omen said, “I have shared a strong bond with music for years. And there is something noteworthy about these live performances. It builds a rapport with the audience, which is further magnified by the exchange of effervescence and exuberance. All this helps me gain the consistency to run the show for hours.” 

The young artist is very central for his high-rise endurance and unparalleled pep while performing on stage. Omen has performed in various cities for the last month, a few of which include Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Kolkata and the party hotspot Goa. The music producer has rocked the floor of many notable cafes and clubs like the Barrel and Co., YOUnion, Shosha (Indore), Bombay Cocktail Bar, Hammerzz (Open Air & the Luxury Nightclub), etc. 

Besides clubs and lounges, Omen has also performed at several high-profile weddings and cocktail parties. Talking about his biggest event in December, the music producer has performed at the Hammerzz Open Air for New Year’s  Eve and has also played an opening act for Vini Vici at Asia's biggest festival: Sunburn 2022. On a similar day, he also performed at Hammerzz: The Luxury Nightclub.

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