Muslim Personal Law Board told Gyanvapi survey a conspiracy .., know what was said?

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), the main organization of Muslims in India, has said that it is unfair to stop eating Wuzu from the mosque on the orders of the court after the Shivling was allegedly found in the Gyanvapi mosque of Varanasi. The whole incident is nothing more than a conspiracy to create communal frenzy.

The General Secretary of the Board, Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, said in a statement issued late on Monday that the Gyanvapi Masjid is a mosque and will remain a mosque. The attempt to call it a temple is nothing more than a conspiracy to create communal frenzy. It is against the constitutional rights and the law. He said that in the year 1937, in the case of Deen Mohammad Vs State Secretary, the court had decided on the basis of oral testimony and documents that this entire courtyard (Gyanvapi Mosque Complex) belonged to the Muslim Waqf and Muslims had the right to offer Namaz in it. Is. The court had also decided that how much is a mosque and how much is a temple. At the same time eating Wuzu was accepted as the property of the mosque.

The Board's General Secretary further said that in 1991, the Places of Worship Act was passed by the Parliament, revealing that the worship places as they were in 1947 will be maintained in the same condition. In the judgment of the Babri Masjid case in the year 2019, the Supreme Court had very clearly said that now all worship places will be subject to this law and this law is according to the foundation of Dastur Hind.

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