'Muslim women cannot eat food in the open even with their husbands...', Taliban's new Islamic ban"

Kabul: After the arrival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the situation there is getting worse. Even after passing 9 months people are facing poverty and starvation like situation there. Meanwhile, the radical organization Taliban is also issuing new decrees. In its new decree, the Taliban have banned men and women from eating out together and going to the park in the Afghan city. An official said on Thursday (12 May 2022) that, 'Taliban authorities have banned men and women from eating out together and going to the park in the western Afghan city of Herat.'

Earlier, in Herat, Afghanistan's third largest city, the Taliban had issued a decree not to issue driving licenses to women. Along with this, a decree was issued in Afghanistan for women to wear such a burqa in public places, in which their eyes are not even visible. Before the Taliban came back to power, it was common in Afghanistan to see men and women dining together in restaurants. Especially in the city of Herat. Riazullah Seerat, a Taliban official in the ministry in Herat, which promotes its traditions and makes people aware of their culture, said, 'The authorities have ordered that men and women should be banned from going to restaurants together. '

The official told the media that the owners have been warned that these rules will apply to everyone, even if they are husband and wife. An Afghan woman said on condition of anonymity that the manager had asked her and her husband to sit separately at the Herat restaurant on Wednesday (11 May 2022). Confirming this, the manager of a restaurant, Safiullah, said that he has received the order of the ministry not to allow women and men to sit together.

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