Muslim women in Hyderabad are healthy

Jan 23 2021 09:43 PM
Muslim women in Hyderabad are healthy

Hyderabad: Telangana people are more alert than ever in the case of fitness. Now there is also awareness among The telangana muslims. A recent example of this was found in a mosque in Hyderabad. The new thing is that a gym was opened here for Muslim women, which is also in a mosque. It is also working that the people of the Muslim community who believe in Islam are not only concerned with the better health of their women, but also for them.

A gym for women was opened at Mosque-e-Mustafa in Hyderabad and professional trainers were also placed here to train in exercise. The purpose of setting up this gym is to make slums especially healthy. The mosque is located near Rajendranagar Road in Chintalmat at Wadi-e-Mehmood.

Explain that the idea of opening a gym in a mosque is completely new. This idea came to the people here when they learned the results of a survey conducted here. The survey was conducted about the health of women here.

The survey revealed that 52 per cent of women living in slums have very serious diseases. The survey has received information about the health of women between the ages of 25 and 55. During this time, many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid have been seen. The survey revealed that women here have many obesity. Their body mass index came over 25, which shows that theirbody fat volume has increased.

I will tell you that the women's gym running in this mosque in Hyderabad has been started with the cooperation of the Hyderabad NGO, which is funded by the Usa-based NGO.

The mosque committee said that women exercise twice a day in the gym. Professional trainers support this. In addition to exercise, instructors consult women to solve health related problems. He said the purpose of opening the gym was to keep women healthy. Apart from exercise here, they will also be told a diet plan.

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