'Muslims, be loyal to your country, don't be misled by fundamentalists..', appeals to the World Muslim Council

Dubai: The 4th Annual Conference of the World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Representatives of more than 150 countries had reached this meeting. Discussions were held on the unity of the Islamic world in this conference, in which more than 500 religious, political scholars and social leaders of Muslim countries participated. The theme of the meeting was Concept, Opportunities and Challenges of Islamic Unity. It was organized under the leadership of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence. This was the fourth anniversary of TWMCC.

The meeting was held on May 8 and 9 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. During this, the Minister of Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak said that the basis of the Muslim world should be science. He said, 'I am not an expert, but Islam is a religion of science and knowledge. Therefore it is necessary that science and research become the basis of Muslim unity. During this, Egypt's Minister for Religious Affairs Dr. Mohamed Mukhtar Goma stressed that the Muslim world is divided into two categories. One world is logical, while the other is imaginary, which is being misused by extremists and terrorists. Experts argued that the concept of patriotism and loyalty to one's country uniting Muslims in a 'caliphate' under one flag should be shattered, as is seeking to create the expansionist, ultra-violent terror group ISIS. According to the report, Dr. Mohammad Mokhtar Goma said that, 'There can be two views on the concept of a Muslim world.

The first is logical, which is being represented through this conference and the second is impossible and imaginary, which is being misused by extremists and terrorist organizations, whose aim is to bring the entire Muslim world under one flag and one country. He further said that, 'In today's times, it is necessary to be loyal to one's nation, its land and flag more than wishing for impossible unity inside a newly created country. These efforts are being made to weaken the Muslim minorities living between one nation and non-Muslim communities. He said that it is also necessary that the verses of the Qur'an should be understood in the same context as they have been written and not the way terrorist organizations are using them for their interests. Mohammad Mokhtar said that, a Muslim should respect the country where he lives, whether that country is Muslim majority or Muslim minority there. Apart from this, the fatwa should change according to the situation, place and time. On the global forum, we should show Islamic unity through coordination. Whoever is burning the Quran, we will face them firmly.

People will not respect our religion till we are not successful in our life. We also have to fight the extremists who use Islam in a wrong way. It is impossible for Muslims of all countries to be under one flag, one country and one ruler. Along with this, he emphasized the focus on criminalizing blasphemy and also urged for uniting against extremist and terrorist groups. He appealed to the scholars and experts of Islam to bring the reality of these extremist organizations in front of everyone. He also said that fatwas should be issued according to the place and time. At the same time, the secretary general of this council, Mohammad Bechari, said that the Islamic world is divided into many parts and there is a need to bridge these distances.

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