Muslims of Mumbail, Bhopal protests against France president Emmanuel Macron

Oct 30 2020 02:07 PM
Muslims of Mumbail, Bhopal protests against France president Emmanuel Macron

New Delhi: Muslims of Bhopal and Mumbai protest against French President Emmanuel Macron. Thousands of people gathered under the leadership of Congress MLA Arif Masood and burnt the effigy of Emmanuel Macron in Bhopal. The question is why the Muslim population of the world has turned completely against Emmanuel Macron.

This whole story is related to the war on terrorism. The development began on October 16. On this day in France, a teacher named Samuel Patty was strangled to death near the school. Patty's fault was that he used the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in his class to explain bigotry. This was not liked by the radicals and they killed Patty. Emmanuel Macron had strongly condemned the case as President. Not only that, he also attended Patty's funeral.

Along with this, Patty was posthumously awarded the country's highest honor. Also said that all this is the result of Islamic fundamentalism. The same thing struck the Islamic countries and now protests against Emmanuel Macron are taking place in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran. This fire of protest has now reached India. There is a demand in Islamic countries to boycott French products.

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