'Muslims will have to give another piece of land..', warns Jitendra Tyagi "

Lucknow: Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, former chairman of UP Shia Waqf Board (formerly Syed Waseem Rizvi), who left Islam to convert to Hinduism, has said that if he does not pay heed to the closure of madrassas, then in the coming 15-20 years, Muslims in the country will be Inquilab will come and they (Muslims) will have to give another piece of land. He alleged that today the ideology of terrorist organization ISIS is being taught in madrasas and children are being trained for jihad.

In an interview, Jitendra Narayan said that the first study in madrasas is of Quran. But in madrasas the Quran is not taught, but it is explained. As a result of this, young children are becoming mentally tough. When the time comes, they will also take up the gun. Tyagi said, "The things that are being taught to the children in madrassas and the bloodshed and jihad that are taking place because of this, are all due to the Qur'an. Allah has a clear decree in the Qur'an that whoever does not believe in Allah, does not believe in Muhammad as a Messenger, does not believe in the Book of Allah, perform jihad against him.

Tyagi further said that by following the book which is a terrorist, there has been panic in the whole world and the jihad of these people continues on this. It is their duty from Allah to make Muslims do jihad with those who do not believe in it. We are not defaming the Quran, but alerting people about it. He said that thinking of this, he went to the Supreme Court demanding the removal of 26 verses of the Quran, but there the case was dismissed and he was fined. "The apex court should have taken cognizance of my point. I was not satisfied with his order. Fifty thousand fine, which I deposited. But it is not that my heart was satisfied with that order. You can't order a little on my heart.'

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