Mustard oil and Sendha salt mixture can strengthen teeth

Mustard oil gets rid of many impurities. At the same time, in today's time, Sendha salt is also present in the kitchen of every Indian house. Let us tell you that mustard oil is used for the body along with eating. At the same time, The Sendha salt (Sarso ka tel) is used during the fast. However, the combination of these two is a great thing. Yes, and if it is used, many health-related problems can be removed. Now today we are going to tell you about that.  

* In today's time, some people are quite troubled by the pain of gums. So let them know that mustard oil and Sendha salt can overcome your problem. In fact, mustard oil and Sendha salt contain fluoride inside it which can not only strengthen the gums but also relieve inflammation and pain.

* If you are troubled by the yellowing of teeth, then mustard oil and Sendha salt are useful in removing this problem of yours. Actually, it works as a natural cleanser that not only cleanses the teeth but is also useful in removing the dirt accumulated in the teeth.

* If you want to lose weight, start consuming mustard oil and Sendha salt as it helps in losing weight. Not only that, it doesn't have both fat and calories inside it.

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