'My wife was taken away, raped by 12 people and made Fatima...'

Islamabad: Pakistan, which carved out of India in 1947 and became an Islamic country, is not hiding the atrocities committed against minorities, especially Hindus and Sikhs, according to a media report. There are constant reports of minor Hindu girls being kidnapped, raped, forcibly married and converted from the neighboring country. Pakistani Hindus, who have saved their lives from these atrocities, are forced to live as refugees in different parts of India. Recently, in Jodhpur and Jaisalmer of Rajasthan, the houses of these refugees were destroyed by the administration, which caused a lot of ruckus. However, later Collector Tina Dabhi allotted land for these refugees and gave them relief. But, this action has once again made the pain of those Pakistani refugees a part of the discussion.  

According to the report, the story that these refugees have narrated while talking to the media is heartbreaking. Someone's wife was gang-raped, while some had to flee leaving their newborn babies across the border. It has also been revealed that they are afraid to express their pain for the safety of their relatives living in Pakistan. Bhilji Rana, who used to feed his family by working as a labourer in Rahimyar Khan. Talking about the situation in Pakistan, he told about a surprising incident. Bhilji Rana told that one day his wife was working as a laborer in the field, when suddenly some bearded people came there and took his wife and daughter with them. After some time, it was reported that his wife was taken away and gang-raped by 12 people. After that, her (wife's) name was changed to Fatima. After much persuasion, the daughter was released. So Bhilji came to India with his daughter. Now he has only his wife's passport size photo left. He does not know whether his wife is alive or dead.

Similarly, a Hindu refugee woman also lives in Jaisalmer, who was raped in Pakistan. The incident affected her so much that the woman also left her daughter with a relative in Pakistan and fled to India on her own. At the same time, a young man named Wazir has come to India leaving his 7-day-old child, while Vijay was forced to flee to Jodhpur leaving his 3-day-old child in Pakistan. At the same time, another Hindu woman was raped, her religion was changed, then the victim Jamna left her one-and-a-half-month-old daughter with relatives and came to India. Pakistani Hindus say that the situation in that country is such that people are only looking for visas. If given a chance, they will leave the property here, their children will also run away.

According to the report, a person from another family says that their daughter, studying in class 9, was picked up by the son of a powerful policeman with the help of fundamentalists. The family couldn't do anything. They don't even know what happened to their daughter. Bhagchand Bheel, a Hindu from Pakistan, says, "Hundreds of families do not come forward to tell their pain, because they fear that speaking here will increase the oppression of their relatives living in Pakistan."

Let us know that due to the terror of fundamentalists in Pakistan, Hindus and Sikhs are constantly coming to India from there. The report cited a study by the Marginal People's Organisation which shows that nearly 700,000 Pakistani refugees have migrated to Rajasthan since 1971. Sadly, even here, they struggle every day to make ends meet. Some time ago, the roof was snatched from the house of Pakistani Hindus in Rajasthan. However, after a huge ruckus, IAS Tina Dabi, while hearing the matter, has provided land for the refugees to stay. Earlier, these refugees were forced to live without a roof in the scorching heat.  

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