Myanmar to host a tourism show To revive the pandemic-hit business

In an effort to revive its tourism business, which has been severely impacted by the pandemic, Myanmar will host its eighth tourism exhibition in its commercial capital of Yangon in September.

According to Naung Naung Han, Chair of the Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association (MTEA), the travel show aims to boost the tourism business since permits are being renewed in other nations.

"Due to Covid-19, no event has been planned after the 2019 tourism show. The nation's immunisation rate is increasing as of 2022, "The MTEA Chair explained why the exhibition was being reorganised.
During the show, which will be held in Yangon from September 17 to 18, people can obtain travel-related information, he noted.

Airlines and travel tour companies will offer travel packages of domestic tours and outbound tours with special prices at the event, he said.

The number of visitors visiting Myanmar has progressively climbed since April, when international commercial airline operations restarted.

According to official statistics, 42,315 foreign visitors came to the nation between April and June, an increase of 22,9% from the same period last year. According to data from the Health Ministry, as of Friday, Myanmar has 614,335 Covid-19 infections, including 19,435 fatalities and 593,081 recoveries. 

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