No one has solved the mystery this mysterious 4000 years old disc

Apr 17 2020 06:59 PM
No one has solved the mystery this mysterious 4000 years old disc

Sometimes, during the search in the world, scientists find such things, whose mystery is impossible for them to solve. Yes, something similar happened 112 years ago. During the excavation of the ruins of an ancient palace, archaeologists found a mysterious circle, which surprised everyone at that time. There are some such records written on that cycle, which no one has been successful in reading till now, or say that scientists from all over the world have failed to decode it.

Let us tell you that this mysterious cycle is known as 'Faustos Disk', because it was found in a place called Faustoss of Crete Island. When carbon dating of this disc was done, it was found that it was made even before the second millennium (thousand years) BC. This disc is made of hardened hard soil. The Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier, who was interested in Greek civilization, discovered the 'Faustos Disc' in the year 1908. In fact, he and his team were working to excavate the ruins of the palace of the Minoan civilization, which had been razed by an earthquake or volcanic eruption in ancient times and had been buried inside the earth. When a wall was broken in the basement of the palace, a large room appeared inside, in which many things were scattered here and there.

As soon as Pernier entered the room, his eyes got stuck on a round disk. When Pernier picked up that disc, he saw that things incomprehensible were written in the picture script. Now what is written in that disc remains a mystery even today.

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