'Mystery' hole left in Miranda Cosgrove's leg after terrifying bus accident

Miranda Cosgrove is speaking up about her ordeal with her health in 2011. Miranda, 28, said on the Hypochondriactor podcast that her bus collided in the middle of the night while on tour for her debut album. She broke her ankle and needed surgery, but when the cast came off, she realised something was seriously wrong.

Miranda, on the other hand, said she noticed a hole about five inches above her ankle that went all the way down her leg to her bone. "It was unusual because when I woke up, I had a soft cast on, and then I went back and they took it off," she explained. "And then I discovered the hole," she added, according to Page Six. Miranda claimed she began asking questions and was told, "Oh, we didn't do that," by doctors. The iCarly actor claimed the place finally scabbed over, but "you could see it was like someone punched through entirely and made a hole"...in her leg.

"The physical therapist informed me that during surgery, they sometimes have to drain blood from your foot and that they have to place a hole to remedy it," she explained. Sean Hayes, co-host, remarked, "I simply imagine these surgeons while you're under." "Standing next to each other — a room full of, like, eight people encircling your body — while they're working on your ankle, under anesthesia, going, 'Hey, did you?' 'Did you make it yourself?' 'I didn't do it,' says the narrator. That was not my idea. 'Did you do it?' 'I didn't do it.' ” According to her publicist at the time, the "iCarly" star's tour van was involved in an accident in Illinois in August 2011.

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