Mystery of murder case of twins

Jul 18 2021 12:48 PM
Mystery of murder case of twins

Nellore: Mystery has been solved in the twin murder case which created a sensation in the district. Two ten-month-old twins were allegedly killed on the 20th of last month in Manolu zone Rajolupadu. Police say the father poisoned the children in milk and killed them.

The investigation revealed that the suspicion on the wife was the reason for the murder of the children. Father Venkata Ramanayya was arrested by the police. The couple has been at loggerheads for the past few days. The relatives lodged a complaint with the police on suspicion of their role in the death of the child in the order. Police investigating the matter have confirmed that the father killed the children.

Secret prostitution in a hotel room

The Chikkadpally police raided the Saikrupa Hotel in Chikkadpally while engaging in prostitution. Biusasri the event manager (22) at work, including the hotel hauskiparluga isrikant (24), kesayikumar (23) was taken to the police remand. Seized from them were three expensive cell phones, 10 resistance packets and Rs 8,000 cash.

According to Inspector Paladugu Sivashankar Rao, he has rented room number 205 at Ushashree Saikrupa Hotel in Suryapet for easy money and is operating a brothel with fifty workers sharing their income. She was assisted by Srikanth from Siddipet and Saikumar from Nalgonda, who were doing housekeeping work at the hotel. Vishnu and Dharma, who acted as intermediaries, were on the run. According to CCS police, Chikkadpally police raided a hotel on Friday night and arrested the accused.


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