Some Sex Myths That People Believe To Be True!

Jul 15 2019 10:00 AM
Some Sex Myths That People Believe To Be True!

There are many kinds of misunderstandings about sex. Some people don't know what's related to sex, which means they have many myths that people believe are right. In fact, long-standing sex and misinformation still frighten people. But in this article, you can find out the truth about some of the similar myths associated with the case.

Myth 1
Sexual-transmitted diseases can be avoided by having sexual relations in water.

This is true: First of all, it is important to understand that underwater action is not possible. Such misunderstandings can only be palpable by people who have little experience in the case of a number of people or are new to the field.

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Myth 2
Jumping up and down after a second does not pose a risk of pregnancy.

This is true: If you jog for several hours after building a sexual relationship, you can't avoid the risk of pregnancy by doing these actions. Yes, doing these actions can keep you fit.

Myth 3
Only men reach orgasm.

This is true- this can cause laughter for women. During sex relations, women also reach orgasms. However, the means may vary. Some women reach orgasms during vaginal sexual intercourse through various actions.

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Myth 4
Oral sex does not cause sexually transmitted diseases.

This is true - in fact, this myth is completely wrong. You may be infected with oral sex. It is wise to find out before oral sex to see if your partner is healthy.

Myth 5
Men with large arms and legs have a bigger penis

This is true - this myth is completely wrong. However, no concrete study in this regard has yet been revealed.  According to experts, men's organs have nothing to do with being large or small in their penis size. The length of each male penis varies.

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