This state reduces tax on petrol and diesel after Assam-Bengal
This state reduces tax on petrol and diesel after Assam-Bengal

Kohima: In order to give relief from the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel, the tax has been cut in Nagaland. The tax rate on petrol and other motor spirits has been reduced from 29.80% to 25% or Rs 18.26 to Rs 16.04 per litre (whichever is higher). The tax rate for diesel has been reduced from Rs 11.08 to Rs 10.51 per litre or from 17.50% to 16.50% per litre (whichever is higher).

The Modi government at the centre is facing a crisis due to record petrol prices, but apart from Nagaland, four states have given relief to consumers from the rising prices of petrol. These states have reduced taxes. Nagaland's name was also included in the count of states that reduced tax on petrol. Earlier, the governments of West Bengal, Meghalaya, Rajasthan and Assam had reduced taxes.

In Rajasthan, VAT was reduced from 38% to 36% on 29 January. Assam has also cut tax by Rs 5 on 12 February. Elections are going to be held here. These five rupees were spent in the state to fight the Corona epidemic in between. In Meghalaya, the government reduced petrol by Rs 7.40 and on diesel by Rs 7.10.

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