Naked Man Riding Scooter Goes Viral in Nagpur
Naked Man Riding Scooter Goes Viral in Nagpur

 A video of a completely naked man riding a scooter in the middle of the night has gone viral online. The video shows the naked man riding around on his scooter in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Reports state that The 35-year-old man was reportedly arrested by the police in Nagpur’s Jaitala market area. According to reports, the police stated that the man was ‘mentally challenged.’ The video quickly went viral and prompted various reactions. Many people expressed concern about the man's mental health, while others made humorous comments about the situation.

The incident has sparked discussions, with people commenting on the video. One user noted, “Nagpur police did not even check on the other person who fell from the bike.” Another wondered, “Is there some naked day that people are celebrating that I don’t know about? There have been so many reports of people roaming naked! Why and how?” Others commented on the timing of the incident. “Good thing the man did this at night and not during the day. The story would have been completely different,” said one user. Another added, “I read somewhere that the man was confused and mentally challenged.” A different comment stated, “What is even happening?”

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