Nakuul Mehta writes letter on Chandivali comment on Hina Khan, check it out here

May 19 2019 03:53 PM
Nakuul Mehta writes letter on Chandivali comment on Hina Khan, check it out here

Popular TV actress Hina Khan impressed everyone with her debut at Cannes.  While a lot of people were happy for her achievements, she was also targetted for being a TV star who is at Cannes.  Last week, A renowned magazine editor took to his Instagram story and shared her picture from Cannes and wrote, "Cannes has suddenly become chandivali studios kya?" 

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The editor recived the flakes for his distasteful comments on Hina Khan. They slammed him looking down upon TV actors and not respecting Hina Khan and her achievements. Today, Nakuul Mehta shared a long post on his Instagram page expressing his views on the entire matter. His open letter read,

"Dear Jitesh,

Thank you for representing an elitist, almost archaic thought process which inadvertently, to your credit ended up sparking a dialogue that was held back for far too long within my community. No, Chandivali is not the problem. Far from it. If Cannes is the home of movies, then Chandivali Studios is also a home for thousands and thousands of hardworking artists and technicians in Mumbai both from television and the film industry. It's where dreams are sown, baby steps are taken towards greater glory, higher artistic ambitions. For a lot of us Chandivali is still our Cannes and we are absolutely proud of it."

In his letter, Nakuul Mehta also pointed out the silver lining in Jitesh Pillai's uncalled remark. He wrote, "The silver lining of that uncalled for remark you made is that for the first time a lot of us collectively stood up and made out voices heard. It hit home. You got a lot of us engaging in a dialogue and coming out in support of a colleague who on her own merit has blazed new trails. Thank you, if for nothing else but for shaking our collective conscience to wake up and stand up for the respect our work demands."

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After being slammed, the editor later apologised on his Instagram. Even Hina Khan had reacted to his comments earlier. "I was persistent, I am consistent, and I will be efficient again n again n again. Don't know where I belong don't know if I have to, the place don't define me because as always I will work my a** off and I will make my own place! My promise,” She wrote/

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