Here's the correct method of doing Namaskar
Here's the correct method of doing Namaskar

Namaskar is the most used phenomenon in our Hindu culture. Elders say it is always beneficial to offer our Namaskar to the god and to elders. It is said that by doing Namaskar you gain blessings from others. But many fewer people know the correct way of doing this. People often copy others. And the human is said to be the one who generally copies others. But today we are here to tell you about the correct way of doing Namaskar. Let's have a look.

A. ‘While paying obeisance to God, bring the palms together.
1. The fingers should be held loose (not straight and rigid) while joining the hands or palms.
2. The fingers should be kept close to each other without leaving any space between them.
3. The fingers should be kept away from the thumbs.
4. The inner portion of the palms should not touch each other and there should be some space between them.

Note: The stage of awakening of spiritual emotion (Bhav) is important to the seeker at the primary level. Hence, for awakening spiritual emotion (Bhav), he should keep space in between the joined hands, whereas a seeker who is at the advanced level should refrain from leaving such space in between the palms to awaken the unexpressed spiritual emotion (Bhav).

B. After joining the hands one should bow and bring the head forward.

C. While tilting the head-forward, one should place the thumbs at the mid-brow region, i.e. at the point between the eyebrows and try to concentrate on the feet of the Deity.

D. After that, instead of bringing the folded hands down immediately, they should be placed on the mid-chest region for a minute in such way that the wrists touch the chest; then only should the hands be brought down.

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