Namaz for the first time at Times Square, wanted to tell the world- 'Islam is peaceful...'

Washington: For the first time, a case of mass prayers has been reported at the famous Times Square in New York. On Saturday (April 3, 2022), a large number of Muslims gathered here to offer Tarawih prayers. This has led to a controversy over the blocking of the road to the busy Times Square. Many videos of it are going viral on social media.


According to media reports, this is the first time in the history of the United States that hundreds of Muslims have offered prayers on the Times Square. Organizers of the event told local media that Muslims living in the US wanted Ramadan to be celebrated at the famous site in New York City and to tell people that Islam was a peaceful religion. The organizers also said that there are many misconceptions about Islam all over the world. The organizers further said, "We wanted to tell all the people about our religion, who do not know about it very well. Islam is a religion of peace. Let me tell you that the month of Ramadan started from Saturday. Ramadan was announced after the sighting of the moon. After the video of namaz being offered on the Times Square went viral, a debate has started on social media over the issue. Many social media users are also strongly criticizing it.


On social media, UAE's Hasan Sajwani wrote, "In this way, praying in a crowded place causes inconvenience to other people. New York City (NYC) alone has more than 270 mosques, and there are suitable places to worship. There is no need to stop the way of people to demonstrate their religion. Islam doesn't teach us that. At the same time, another user named Khalifa wrote in his comment, "I am a Muslim, but I don't support praying on the Times square. This may send the wrong message that Islam is an 'invader' or an intrusive. So read the prayers in mosques. '


At the same time, there are some social media users who are supporting praying on the times square. Salman Nizami, who supported the Congress in the debate of news channels, is also one of them. He shared the video on Twitter and wrote, "Muslims offer taraweeh prayers on the streets of the world famous Times Square of the world's most powerful country, the United States. Tolerance is when you celebrate your diversity. The BJP's ban on offering namaz in Gurugram shows their bigotry. '

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