Namgoong Min starrer ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ hits new high after week 1, whereas ‘Blind’ reaches all-time low

The third instalment of SBS's Friday-Saturday drama "One Dollar Lawyer" aired on the 30th (Fri). As a result, "One Thousand Dollar Lawyer" had the highest viewership rate of 15.9% and quickly ascended to the top of the weekly miniseries. Furthermore, 13.5% in the metro area and 12.9% nationally, reached double-digit viewership ratings within two weeks of broadcasting, claiming the resounding lead among all programmes in the same time zone, including Friday-Saturday dramas. Additionally, 2049 had a viewership rate of 4.4%, placing it #1 among dramas that had been broadcast for a week.

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In comparison to the second episode's 7.4% rating, the third episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama "The Golden Spoon" scored 5.5%, a decrease of 1.9%. The drama centres on high school student Lee Seung Cheon (Sungjae). He despises living in a substandard environment with his poor family. One day he meets an elderly woman by chance. An aged woman informs him about this "If you buy this gold spoon for $3 from me, you can change your parents. You'll eat 3 meals with this gold spoon with someone your age and at their house. That person's parents will then become your parents.” 

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At the home of his friend Hwang Tae Yong, Lee Seung Cheon eats three times after purchasing the gold spoon from the elderly woman. The Father of Hwang Tae Yong is a business owner. Lee Seung Cheon's life will change soon.

According to paid households, the fifth episode of the Friday-Saturday drama "Blind" on tvN received the lowest rating, 1.785%. After the first episode, "Blind" maintained the 2% range (3.4%), but after five episodes, there was a further decline in the 1% area, indicating a declining trend in viewership.

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