Maharashtra will have BJP government by March next year

Mumbai: Union minister and BJP leader Narayan Rane has recently made a big statement. In fact, he has made a big statement about the state of Maharashtra. In this statement, he said, "The BJP government will be formed in Maharashtra by March next year. Rane made this statement in Jaipur today.''

In his statement, he said, "After the Establishment of the BJP government in Maharashtra, there will be a change. Union Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Narayan Rane visited Jaipur under the information received. Here he made a statement and since his statement, there has been a stir in the political corridors. In fact, here Narayan Rane talked about the atmosphere in Maharashtra. During the interaction, he said, "There is no BJP government in Maharashtra, so there is such an atmosphere. But by March, the BJP government will be formed there. This will be followed by the required changes.''

Not only did he stop, but while talking further, he said a lot more. Talking about Maharashtra, he further said that 'the matter of toppling and forming the government is a secret'. Now after his statement, the stir on social media has intensified and anyone who is reading or listening to this statement is expressing their opinion. 

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