Narendra Modi Birthday Special: 12 hidden facts related to Modi's life

Sep 17 2018 08:42 AM
Narendra Modi Birthday Special: 12 hidden facts related to Modi's life

Today is the 68th birthday of our country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and today, in celebration of his birthday, we are going to tell you some interesting things about him that you have never heard of. Modi's is not only popular among people in the country but people also around the world. Earlier, the popularity of no other Prime Minister of our country was so much as compared to Narendra Modi. People of the world, while appreciating their perseverance and patriotism, public meetings are always interested in his speeches.

Along with the works of the Prime Minister, the people have been relying on the Modi Government after listening to his promises. While PM Modi is praised in our country, the leaders of Pakistani and Pakistani enemies and America also seen praising him. And that is why today India is stepping in front of everyone in the form of some major forces in the world.

Let us know some interesting facts things about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which you never knew:

1. Narendra Modi was born in a poor family in Vadnagar, Gujarat's small town.

2. Modi used to sell tea in his childhood. Since childhood, Modiji's desire was to live a life of an ascetic and to stay meditating in the middle of the sages.

3. The opposition of Modi has always been opposing homosexuality. Not only that, complete BJP party is considered to be against homosexuality.

4. Narendra Modi likes to use new techniques. They always look forward to the use of new technology. First in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Modi gave a speech using 3D technology.

5. Narendra Modi has a good understanding of social media and he knows very well how to use it. Not only that, he loves using social media. Modi is the most famous politician on Facebook and Twitter and is one of the famous PM.

6. Narendra Modi is the 16th prime minister of India.

7. The name of Narendra Modi has already been associated with many major cases, out of which one of the Gujarat Riots is prevailing. His name has been booming in the 2002 Gujarat riots. During their riots, indecision is being charged.

8. The US government did not give visa to Modi from 2004 to 2013 due to opposition from some people in India.

8. Narendra Modi is fond of wearing good clothes. He likes to wear well-pressed and proper clothes.

9. Narendra Modi is a minister who works without leave. Narendra Modi did not take a single holiday during his Gujarat Chief Minister's 13 years and his personal staff also includes only three poeple.

10. He is determined not to take bribe while remembering his mother's education. When Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time, his mother had told him while blessing him "Son never take a bribe".

11. Narendra Modi has said many times that he only takes 5 hours of sleep and he gets up at 5.30 in the morning in any case.

12. Narendra Modi is a pure vegetarian. He neither smoke nor does any other addiction of any kind.

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