Narinder Batra wishes to spread out regional Hockey
Narinder Batra wishes to spread out regional Hockey

India is all over the moon at present in field of sports. There are not only great news coming from the field of sports, But the tactics also seems to go with the nation, For such one great moment, Narinder Batra becoming the president of International Hockey Federation brought delight for eyes of everybody across the nation He has become the 1st non-European person to become the present of the international federation for the sports, thus the national sports of the nation feel in safe hands now expecting a lot from the same person trying to do a lot at the moment as well.

Mr. Narinder Batra's main focus is on spreading out the reach of the Hockey. We all know that there are various leagues across the nation as well as the world for the same sport, but there is hardly regional interest for the same. Mr. Batra has cleared that he will try to drop out difference and will try to help out the range of the hockey to be spread out in the social structure and minds of people by a different way. He has mentioned that he has designed a unique standard for the regional spread out of Hockey as much as possible So the nation will grip back to it's national sport with concern and social standards across the nation and then across the world under leadership of India.

All in all, Mr. Batra also gave news of a unique league with 9 teams involved which shall create the environment for sport in coming days. He tried to explain its implementation very soon. Yet, the junior hockey world cup on the way in the nation with all efforts from this great man, we hope to see something better in the field of the hockey than we saw recently. At present Indian hockey team is also doing very brilliantly on the field and if on the world of tactics and organising of this game If India can fix its spot, it will bring more delight for all who have interest in our national sport...

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