Narottam Mishra said this about Congress on farmers loan waiver issue
Narottam Mishra said this about Congress on farmers loan waiver issue

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister and government spokesperson Dr. Narottam Mishra has recently launched a major attack on Congress statements on OBC reservation and farmer loan waiver. Recently, he said, "The Congress does the job of cheating.'' At the same time, he also said, "At the time of Kamal Nath government, the bill was not passed properly, it was not lobbying, it was during his time that the stay took place, we did not cheat the Congress. How can I call it political Rotis, congress is baking Paratha, is frying Pudi.''



He also said, "Congress does not have the right to speak on OBC reservation, he gave what, we are not cheating, our Minister said yesterday also that they will give, the matter went to court because of them, they did not pass the bill properly, they did not deliberately reduce it, no any lawyer stand for a year.'' Further, Narottam Mishra also said, "Stay came in Kamal Nath government and they are supporting. Now, how can I call it political Roti, the Congress is now baking Parathas, frying the Pudis. Constantly Lying is perhaps in their spirit.''

At the same time, Narottam Mishra has also retaliated against Rahul Gandhi's statements on farm loan waivers. He said, "Promises like the loans of the farmers of the state will be waived off in 10 days or else the Chief Minister will change, Rahul Gandhi has no right to speak in the name of loan waiver. Congress's tradition of promising to remove poverty to loan waiver is against promise, which has now gradually become the culture of Congress.''

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