NASA gives opportunity to stay on Mars for a year, application process begins
NASA gives opportunity to stay on Mars for a year, application process begins

Washington: If you're bored living on earth, NASA is giving you a golden opportunity. In fact, the US space agency NASA has invited applications from four people to stay at a Mars-like hideout for a year. NASA wants to prepare astronauts for the challenges of future missions before sending them to Mars. NASA is gearing up for the first Manned Mars Mission and for this, NASA has also created a special habitat on Earth, similar to the Martian atmosphere.

It is recruiting four crew members for the one-year-long mission and applications for the same has also been started from Friday from those interested. A 3D-printer residence has been built in a building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA. It is a 1,700 sq ft Mars-like place. Four people will be kept in this special residence called 'Mar's Dun Alpha' for up to one year. During this period, a study will be conducted on the impact of human beings in the Martian atmosphere so that measures can be found to deal with these challenges before sending human missions to the real Mars.

In a statement, NASA said that in preparation for the real challenges of the mission to Mars, NASA will conduct research on how highly excited individuals are affected by prolonged staying in harsh environments like Mars prepared on the ground.

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