InSight felt tremors, 'Red planet' vibrates for the third time in a month

New Delhi: Like earth, mars (Mars) also felt earthquakes. Insight Lander (InSight Lander) of the U.S. Space agency NASA recently reported seismic tremors on Mars. The Insight Lander, which arrived on the Surface of Mars, has recorded some thunder sound beneath the surface. NASA has now detected the largest and longest-lasting earthquake on Mars with a magnitude of 4.2. The earthquake that shook Mars lasted for an hour and a half.

The earthquake, which occurred on September 18, is the third major incident recorded by the Insight Lander in just a month. The Insight Lander had earlier detected two earthquakes of magnitude 4.2 and 4.1 on its seismometer on August 25. NASA said the 4.2 magnitude earthquake that struck on September 18 was five times more powerful than previous earthquakes. Earlier in 2019, mars was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 3.7.

According to scientists, the earthquake occurred 8,500 kilometers away from the current location of the Insight Lander. Which is the most distant earthquake ever discovered by lander. Scientists are now trying to locate the epicentre of the earthquake that had taken place far away from where the Insight Lander detected all the previous major earthquakes on the surface of Mars.

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