National Cat Day 2018- Lesser known facts about cats

Oct 29 2018 03:37 PM
National Cat Day 2018- Lesser known facts about cats

All the cat lovers across the country today are celebrating ‘National Cat Day'. Cat day is celebrated not only in India but also in the United States. Cats understand the feelings of humans very well and they have a full estimate of when their master's mood is good and when it is bad. Like dogs, people keep cats in their homes. Today we are telling you some things related to cats, which rarely have been heard before.

-You'll be surprised to know that cats sleep for 16 hours a day. Out of the remaining time, it is about one-third time i.e. for 3 hours it takes to clean itself.

-Reportes are believed, in today's time around 60 million cats are domesticated around the world.

-Cats in every different situation, separates the sounds of the meow-meow.

-Cats brain more than similar to man in the comparison of dogs.

-Cats can also dream like humans.

-Cat is very addictive in case of eating food. They will eat whatever they like, and they will never eat whatever they dislike, even if they are hungry all day long.

-When the cats are born then their eyes are blue and the color of the eyes changes over time.

-The Fart of cat is the fifth smelliest thing in the world.



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