Exercise to free Ethanal continues, Center takes these steps
Exercise to free Ethanal continues, Center takes these steps

In many states, the Central Government's plan to add ethanol to petrol is not being taken seriously. In view of this, the Center has written a letter to the states and directed to speed up the plan to add ethanol to petrol and make necessary legal provisions. Let's know in full detail.

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According to the media report, in view of the recent trend of the Center, all the restrictions imposed on Ethanol in the state of Uttarakhand have been lifted. There will be no charge on its movement as well. But in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, the movement of ethanol has to be charged. This has shocked the government's intention of mixing ethanol in petrol in these states.

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Recently, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has also sent a letter to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, expressing dissatisfaction over the molasses and ethanol policy of the state. In a letter written to the Chief Secretary of the state, under the amended Industrial Development and Regulation (IDR) Act, the movement of ethanol to be added to the petrol has been banned. It has been said in the letter that for this, the state government has been called several times. Implementation of this provision will help in reducing the air pollution in the entire country including the state, while the sugar industry will be financially affected by the losses.

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