If you see these symptoms in body, then contact the doctor to avoid fatal corona

In India, Corona is not taking the threat of infection despite lockdown and effective steps from red, green and orange zones. It is more important to be vigilant about health in the speed with which corona infection is spreading. It is worrying that despite the lockdown, now people are not seen following it as seriously.

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Treating cold-cough symptoms as normal and ignoring them is also proof of this negligence. According to the World Health Organization, only 1 in 6 people infected with the coronavirus show severe symptoms, so take the minor symptoms seriously, do not wait for them to become serious.

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Contact the helpline numbers provided by the government. Do not hide them if you see symptoms, only timely treatment can save you and your loved ones. This infection spreads very fast, that is why the central and state governments are taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection.

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