National Education Policy follows Mahatma Gandhi's "Nai Talim": Vice President

New Delhi: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Tuesday that the New Education Policy follows Mahatma Gandhi's 'Nai Talim' by emphasising the mother tongue as a medium of instruction at the school level.

The Vice President, speaking virtually at the Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University's Silver Jubilee Celebrations in Wardha, recalled that Mahatma Gandhi's "Nai Talim" proposal in Wardha in 1937 emphasised the use of mother tongue as the medium of instruction, as well as free compulsory education and skill training for students.

After a long debate, our Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi as the official language and granted constitutional status to other Indian languages in the Eighth Schedule, the Vice President said.  Naidu. Noting that each Indian language has a long and illustrious past as well as a diverse literature,

"Our country is fortunate to have linguistic diversity. Because our languages represent our cultural oneness, our linguistic diversity is one of our greatest assets "Naidu stated. 

In response to a question about Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts on language, the Vice President stated that language was linked to national unity for Gandhi. He went on to say that, although insisting on Hindi, Mahatma Gandhi acknowledged the importance of each citizen's mother tongue. He further stated that Indian languages have played a significant role in keeping the Indian diaspora connected to their homeland.

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