Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gives sharp comment on terrorism, "All-round siege to Pakistan"

On Saturday, giving full credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for singling out Pakistan on the global stage, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that he will never win in the battle that Pakistan is fighting through terrorism.

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According to the media report, the Defense Minister reviewed the parade at the National Defense Academy in Pune today. On this occasion, he said that the Indian Army against terrorism is the strength of the country. At the same time, he targeted Pakistan fiercely. The Defense Minister said, 'Pakistan, which supports terror on the global stage, has been separated and the entire credit goes to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pakistan is doing proxy war through terrorism but today I say that it will never win in this.

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Apart from this, BJP National President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in an election meeting in Chatra, Jharkhand, how can he win the election with such a crowd. You don't fool me, I am also a tradesman. Go home from here and call 25-25 people and appeal to vote for BJP. Shah, addressing the gathering present in the meeting, said that those who have mobiles should raise their hands. He told 10-15 thousand people the path of victory of BJP and said that mathematics also comes to me. Together you all appeal to press the button on the lotus sign.

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