National Popcorn Day 2024: Movie Theaters Celebrate with Freebies and Discounts
National Popcorn Day 2024: Movie Theaters Celebrate with Freebies and Discounts

Movie theaters are gearing up for a special celebration on National Popcorn Day 2024. In collaboration with the Cinema Foundation and Fandango, theaters and cinemas across the U.S. are set to distribute complimentary popcorn and provide exclusive discounts at selected locations on Friday, January 19.

The tradition of enjoying popcorn at the movies began 95 years ago and has become an essential part of the cinematic experience, according to Bryan Braunlich, the executive director of the Cinema Foundation. He expressed excitement about National Popcorn Day, anticipating the gathering of millions of film enthusiasts to watch new releases on the big screen while indulging in their favorite snacks at discounted rates.

More than 30,000 screens nationwide are expected to participate in this one-day annual event, coinciding with recent film releases like "Mean Girls," "The Beekeeper," "Night Swim," and "I.S.S."

In the New York City area, AMC Theatres will offer free popcorn refills throughout the day, and Cinemark is providing a $2 discount on all medium and large popcorn purchases. Regal is slashing 50% off the price of all popcorn, and Alamo Drafthouse venues are giving away free standard popcorn with any food or drink order totaling a minimum of $5. Cinepolis is presenting a 50% discount on caramel popcorn and a $2 reduction on bottomless butter popcorn. Additionally, members of the free Starpass rewards program can enjoy a complimentary small popcorn at Showcase Cinemas.

Despite popcorn constituting over 60% of snack food sales at the nation's theaters, National Popcorn Day has proven to be a positive boost for the industry. According to recent data from the National Association of Concessionaires, the event led to increased ticket and popcorn sales last year. Joseph Masher, a board member of the National Association of Theatre Owners, noted that guests opted for a movie over other forms of entertainment due to the successful campaign executed by the industry.

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