When the Kamal Nath government did not listen, this national player met Shivraj Singh

Sep 16 2019 10:26 AM
When the Kamal Nath government did not listen, this national player met Shivraj Singh

Bhopal: On one hand, crores of rupees are shed like water on a game like Cricket. Cricketers also earn crores and become celebrities. At the same time, there are many sports and sportspersons in the country who are yearning for sports facilities. On the strength of their talent, such players who have brought laurels to the name of the country in the world, wander from rate to rate in the absence of facilities. One of such players is Saumya Aggarwal, the national player of Ujjain's jump rope game.

Soumya Aggarwal, a resident of Ujjain, is a national player of the rope jump. Soumya has won many medals ranging from gold in international competition. Saumya Agarwal has also made world record in rope jump. Soumya Aggarwal's name is recorded in the Golden Book of World Records. On foreign land, Saumya Aggarwal has illuminated the name of India many times, but Soumya needs facilities for her game. To meet the need, she is eyeing the Kamal Nath government of the state.

Actually, Soumya Aggarwal has no separate ground to practice. Soumya and other jump rope players practice on the cement court of the raw ground of Ujjain's swimming pool. Soumya Aggarwal has been selected for the Open Jump Rope Championship to be held in China. The championship is next month. Saumya's coach Mukund Jhala has been demanding wooden court from the government and district administration many times, but the players have not been given wooden court yet. When the Kamal Nath government did not fulfill Soumya's demand, she reached out to former CM Shivraj Singh with her demand, now Shivraj Singh has assured her to build a wooden court.

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