Two policemen risked their lives to save cattle, watch viral video here
Two policemen risked their lives to save cattle, watch viral video here

On Tuesday, two Telangana police constables Yadagiri and Ravinder Reddy, saved the lives of four cattle from the fire. In Iskilla village of Ramanpet, an open cattle house made of dry grass caught fire. During this time both the policemen were on patrol and as soon as they reached here they saw two buffaloes and two cows close to the fire.

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Cattles was tied near the fire and was trying to escape from there. Seeing this, both the policemen immediately reached the spot and caught the cattle and freed them from there. Local people, from the police department, are also appreciating them. There is also talk of honouring them. A video of the incident has been tweeted by news agency ANI, shared on social media by M. Mahendra Reddy, Director General of Police (DGP) of Telangana. He praised these two police constables for their readiness.

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ANI Tweeted, "#WATCH Telangana: Two police constables, Yadagiri & Ravinder Reddy saved cattle that were stuck amid a fire that broke out in the animal shed where they were tied. The two personnel were on their way to Ramannapet Police Station when the incident took place. (21.04.2020)"

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