NATO state unveiled its largest arms deal for Ukraine
NATO state unveiled its largest arms deal for Ukraine

Kyiv: Belgium has approved a new round of military aid worth €92 million ($100 million) for Ukraine, since the war with Russia broke out last year. Anti-aircraft munitions, armored vehicle and anti-tank grenades would all be part of the arsenal.

On Friday the NATO member announced the election. According to officials, some of the weapons will come from pre-existing Belgian inventories, while the rest will be bought directly from the arms industry.

"Since the beginning of this war, our country has made great efforts to support Ukraine," Prime Minister Alexander de Crew told reporters. Our country has already provided 146 million Euros in military aid. The Council of Ministers today decided to send to Ukraine a new package of military aid worth €92 million.

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Despite the fact that Kyiv will receive a package that includes grenades, ammunition, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons, lightly armored vehicles, machine guns and assault rifles, Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder declined to provide exact numbers. Refused.

AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles (AMRAAMs), which are made in the US and which Washington agreed to sell to Belgium in November, are also included in the package.

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The missile, although intended to be launched from an aircraft, is also compatible with NASAMS launchers used on the ground; Washington has given several of these launchers to Kyiv.

The new arsenal will reportedly include several Volvo N10 heavy utility trucks, which were taken out of the Belgian arsenal in 2021 after it was discovered they offered "insufficient or insufficient protection to the crew".

Several dozen Iveco LMV tactical vehicles are also reportedly on their way to Ukraine, despite the fact that the military has decided to phase out the platform by 2026 due to defects in its armor design. Before being shipped out, officials said some equipment would be maintained, but it was unclear whether this would fix the problems.

Dedonder continued by saying that Brussels cannot send tanks to Ukraine like the US, Germany and other European allies because it sold its older Leopard 1 battle tanks to private companies in 2014 and lacks a comparable weapon .

"We are unable to respond to that query. We don't have it in stock now, and we haven't established any operational units in the market," she said. The government has approached some companies to buy the tanks, but has been unable to negotiate a reasonable price.

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Later, in a tweet thanking Brussels, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said the weapons would "strengthen our air defense, help stop enemy tanks and improve the mobility of our defenders."

Russia has urged the West on several occasions to stop "pump-priming" Ukraine with weapons, claiming that doing so would only prolong the conflict and lead to more carnage.

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