NATO strengthens its presence in Eastern Europe amid Ukraine tensions

Despite Russia's warning that a NATO deployment near its borders poses a "national security danger," NATO nations are strengthening military activity in Eastern Europe amid tensions over Ukraine.

Denmark, Spain, France, and the Netherlands have sent or intend to send ships, planes, or troops to NATO deployments in Eastern Europe in recent days, according to media sources. The United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany are already on the ground, according to a statement released by NATO on Monday.

Due to growing tensions on the Russia-Ukraine border, the US Department of Defense stated on Monday that 8,500 troops have been placed on high alert for a prospective deployment, although no decision on formal deployments has been made. 

As tensions over Ukraine have risen, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stressed that the Russian military cannot overlook NATO's increased military activity. He highlighted that, in addition to NATO exercises, Ukrainian authorities are massing forces on the line of contact with the two self-proclaimed republics in the conflict-torn Donbas area.

The prospect of Kiev provocations in the Donbas area of east Ukraine is now greater than ever, according to the spokesperson. The US and its NATO partners, according to Peskov, are to blame for the rising tensions since they have started a propaganda campaign full of falsehoods against Russia.

NATO, the US, and Ukraine have accused Russia of massing significant forces along Kiev's eastern border in preparation for a "invasion."  While Russia has denied any intention of attacking any country, it has warned NATO that its actions near its borders "pose a national security danger," and that Moscow has the right to mobilise military on its own.

In a related incident, the United States and the United Kingdom are removing some personnel and dependents from their embassies in Ukraine, fueling worries of a war. In a statement, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry called the US decision "premature and a symptom of undue caution." According to Ukrainian political expert Igor Chalenko, the two Western nations do not have sufficient reasons to withdraw some of their employees from their embassies in Kiev because the security situation along the Ukrainian border is relatively stable.

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