Try these natural ways to get straight hair

Aug 17 2019 10:00 AM
Try these natural ways to get straight hair

Straight Hair plays an important role in grooming our personality. Women often go to the parlour and straighten the hair, which is expensive and harmful to the hair. There are different ways to get straight hair without harming them. Let us know about those natural methods.

Milk and Honey

You can use milk and honey to straightens your hair at home. For this, you need to take milk and honey in equal quantities and apply it from the hair roots to the bottom. Allow it to stay in your hair for a while, then wash it with water. You can put it twice a week. After two weeks your hair will be completely straight.

Amla and Shikakai

Amla and Shikakai are always good for hair . For this, you need to take half a cup of amla powder, half a cup of shikakai and half a cup of rice flour and mix well. Now add 2 eggs and apply the fat to the hair. Wash the hair thoroughly after keeping this mixture in your hair for 2 hours. You can do this 2 times a week. You will find that your hair is already slashed.

Aloe vera and oil

You should know that aloe vera gel is beneficial for your hair, apart from your skin. Take half a cup of oil to make your hair straight and mix the aloe vera gel paste with them. Now leave it on the hair for 30 - 30 minutes . This blend does ear like a hair mask, but it also does deep conditioning of your hair. This makes your hair straight and shiny.

Banana and Papaya

Mash the banana and papaya in a utensil. Now add a spooned honey and apply it to your hair. When the pack is dried, shampoo the hair and comb it slowly. Your hair will be straight.

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