Munnar: Nature plays its magic wand once in 12 years

Jul 16 2018 03:49 PM
Munnar: Nature plays its magic wand once in 12 years

Munnar has been considered amongst the 5 most beautiful places across India. Its lush green landscape and hills win hearts. This beautiful hill station situated in Kerala offers you the most soulful evenings and the most peaceful nights.

Kerala is known for being the first state to receive the Monsoon showers. Post the monsoon showers, when the valley of Munnar is left drenched, nature plays its magic wand over this blessed place, once in every 12 years. The entire hill station seems like blue stretches all over the hills. These blue stretches are due to a plant which is known as Neelakurinji or Strobilanthus Kunthiana.  This plant has blue coloured flowers which cover the entire hill station of Munnar and few other places in Kerala. The plant Neelakurinjii, flowers once in every 12 years and covers the beautiful valley of Munnar and transform into something that seems similar to heaven.  

A lot of people visit the extremely beautiful place for vacations with family and friends. It is trending amongst the youth as a major Honeymoon spot. It is the perfect destination for couples to enjoy peace and love at the same time.

Munnar is also famous for its residential institutes that teach catering. Munnar Catering College is one of them.


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