If trade between Indo-Pak starts, there will be development of 60 years in 6 months: Sidhu’s big statement

New Delhi: Navjot Singh Sidhu, the president of the Punjab Congress, has proved his love for Pakistan again again. He has invoked the raga of friendship with Pakistan once more. In fact, today in Amritsar, Sidhu remarked, "Trade links between India and Pakistan should be reestablished. Punjab has lost approximately 4,000 crore rupees and 15,000 jobs in the last 34 months as a result of the two nations' border shutdown. Sidhu went on to say, "At the same time, "If commerce between the two nations begins, the country and Punjab would develop for the next 60 years in just six months.'

Sidhu has made similar claims in the past. In Kartarpur, Pakistan, he recently identified Imran Khan as his brother. "I say that Punjab will advance for 60 years in six months," Sidhu remarked recently, "and Hindustan also implies that it is a favourable scenario for everybody." Why not Amritsar to Lahore, as you've already opened Mumbai from Karachi? A total of 275,000 crore rupees (about US$ 37 billion) is available. You realise that a billion is equal to 100 crores. We only trade 10 billion US dollars, and we haven't utilised even 5% of it, costing Punjab 4,000 crore rupees in the last 34 months. Here, 15,000 jobs have been gone. "Apart from law and order, the most important issue in this election is employment."

Navjot Singh Sidhu had previously referred to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as his older brother when the Kartarpur Sahib corridor was inaugurated. Let me tell you that when Sidhu landed at Kartarpur for darshan, he was greeted with flowers and garlands by a Pakistani delegation. "Imran Khan is my elder brother, and he has shown me a lot of affection," Sidhu remarked at the time.

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