Almonds, cheese, Lassi, Does a prisoner get all this in jail? Sidhu will get

Amritsar: A special diet plan has been prepared in jail for Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is serving a one-year sentence in the 1988 road rage case. Which includes almonds, walnuts, milk, cheese and herbal teas as well as many fruits. The Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court has directed the Patiala Central Jail Superintendent to consider the special diet for Sidhu in jail as per the report of the Medical Board and take action. The three-member medical board of Rajinder Hospital in Patiala had tested Sidhu on Monday, following which it submitted its recommendations to the jail superintendent. The report was submitted to the local court on Tuesday.

Sidhu's lawyer HPS Verma said, "After going through the medical examination report, the court has directed the jail department to give special diet by the medical board. According to the report, the board has clarified that Sidhu needs a diet of high fibre, low carbohydrates and low fat. Which mainly includes fruits and vegetables. It has been instructed to avoid Desi ghee, butter or other fatty oils. Heart specialists were among those who prescribed Sidhu's diet.''

Sidhu has been asked by the board to give him herbal tea, white gourd juice or coconut water in the morning. While at breakfast it is recommended to give a cup of lactose-free milk by mixing a teaspoon of sunflower, melon and Chia seeds. Five to six almonds, one nut and two pecan nuts are recommended every day.

For breakfast, Sidhu can have half a lemon with a glass of juice (Beetroot, gourd, cucumber, seasonal, tulsi and mint leaves, amla, carrot and aloe vera), or any fruit like watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, guava, apple and vine, or sprouted black gram (25 g), green gram dal (25) cucumber/tomato.

During lunch, they are suggested to be given a bowl of cucumber or gourd and a bowl of seasonal vegetables with a Chapati, the chapati will be made from a mixture of jowar flour, water chestnut and ragi flour. On the second day, Sidhu can have a green salad with Beetroot Raita and lassi. In the evening, Sidhu has been asked to drink low-fat milk tea with 25 grams of cheese slices or tofu with half a lemon. Sidhu is recommended to have mixed vegetable and lentil soup or black gram soup for dinner, followed by roasted green vegetables (200 grams). Sidhu can take chamomile tea, one teaspoon isabgol with half a glass of warm water at bedtime.

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