Navratri 2018: Do you know who started celebrating Navratri?

Oct 15 2018 08:45 AM
Navratri 2018: Do you know who started celebrating Navratri?

In our country India, a unique mixture of cultures and festivals is found, as many festivals are celebrated in our country, they will probably not be celebrated in any country of the world. Our only such festival is Navratri, in which we worship Maa Durga for 9 days who is nurturing us. There are 4 Navratras in the entire year, in which two are secret and two are direct. The whole country spends 9 days worshiping the mother with euphoria, but most people do not know how the celebration of Navratri festival was started?

So, let us tell you where the tradition of Navratri Pooja began. It is mentioned in our Puranas. It has been mentioned in the Devi Purana composed by Marcandey Rishi. It has been stated that when Lord Vishnu's incarnation Shri Ram's wife a form of Aadi Shakti had taken away from Ram ji by Ravan, then Shri Ram was very disturbed, after this, when Shriram came to know that Mother Sita was imprisoned by Ravan then he decided to attack Lanka.

First, he sent an envoy to Ravan that if he returned his wife Sita, he would be given life and his sins would be forgiven, but Madamta Ravan turned down Shriram's offer, after which Sriram collected the army of the ancestors. They went to the battle of Lanka and defeated Ravan, they worshiped Goddess Shakti for 9 consecutive days, through which the Goddess would be pleased to give blessings for win and Shriram killed Ravan on the tenth day, this day is called Dussehra. This is where the 9 days of Goddess Pooja started and the Dussehra was celebrated on the tenth day, which is considered as the victory of truth on the lie.

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