Lose weight by following these 5 tips during fasting

The beginning of the festival Navratri has started. This is an auspicious occasion across our country. The nine-day festival is celebrated with great fanfare and is celebrated along with a 9-day fast to show their devotion. The scientific concept behind fasting is to detox and purify your body by stopping it from eating regular foods. Navratri promotes eating gluten-free cereals and light foods. Sometimes those who fast consume only fruits and water for 9 days. Fasting food should be simple and rich in nutrients. Fasting can also help in promoting weight loss if done properly. Yes, you have read it correctly. So if you are planning to lose weight, Navratri is the most appropriate time for you. Here are some simple remedies...

1- Include vegetables in your diet:- Fasting does not mean that you eat fried potatoes and whole food. You should focus on eating green vegetables which are rich in nutrients and easy to digest.

2- Eat small meals:- Eating small and frequent meals can help you keep your blood sugar levels under control.

3- Choose low-fat food:- Fasting allows you to eat your favourite Kuttu puri once or twice. But avoid eating foods that are high in fat.

4- Keep yourself hydrated:- It is most important to keep yourself hydrated due to fasting. Water helps purify and detox the body at the cellular level.

5- Exercise:- Just because you are fasting does not mean that you should not exercise. Keep exercising properly.

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