Recite this 'Paath' for worshipping Goddess Kushmanda
Recite this 'Paath' for worshipping Goddess Kushmanda

The festival of Navratri is celebrated every year. In this way, the festival of Navratri is being celebrated this year and today is the fourth day of Navratri. On the fourth day of Navratri, Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped. It is said that by getting the funds in the siddhis by worshiping them, all diseases and bereavement go away and there is an increase in age-fame. Goddess Kushmanda is also called Ashtabhuja Devi. Kushmanda means kumhada meaning pumpkin. The sacrifice of a litter is more dear to the Kushmanda form of Goddess Durga. Therefore she is called Kushmanda Devi. So let's know the story of Goddess Kushmanda and her source text.

Chant these mantras today to worship Goddess Kushmanda

Maa Kushmanda source textप्रथम दुर्गा त्वहिभवसागर तारणीम्.
धन ऐश्वर्य दायिनी शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम्॥
त्रिलोकजननींत्वंहिपरमानंद प्रदीयनाम्.
चराचरेश्वरीत्वंहिमहामोह विनाशिन.
भुक्ति, मुक्ति दायनी,शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम्॥
चराचरेश्वरीत्वंहिमहामोह विनाशिन.
भुक्ति, मुक्ति दायिनी शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम्॥

Today is fourth day of Navratri, worship Goddess Kushmanda in this way

Story of Goddess: According to a legend, it is said that when the creation did not exist, these Goddesses created the universe. These are the initial forms of the universe, the energy. It resides in the inner world of the solar system. Only it has the ability and power to reside there. It is said that his body's radiance and Prabha are also resplendent like the Sun. All the diseases and grief of the devotees are eradicated by worshiping Goddess Kushmanda. Their devotion leads to increase in age, fame, strength and health. Not only this, Maa Kushmanda is going to be pleased with minimal service and devotion.

If you are going to worship Goddess Kushmanda, then first of all, call on the goddess' meditation mantra.


स्तुता सुरैः पूर्वमभीष्टसंश्रयात्तथा सुरेन्द्रेण दिनेषु सेविता.

करोतु सा नः शुभहेतुरीश्वरी शुभानि भद्राण्यभिहन्तु चापदः..

Perform this Aarti of Goddess Kushmanda today

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