Nawab Malik asked Sameer Wankhede this sharp question again

Mumbai: Aryan Khan has got a bell in a drugs case. He was in jail for several days but has now been released from jail. Aryan is currently spending time with his family. He is in Mannat. However, the trouble has not subsided for NCB director Sameer Wankhede who caught him in the meantime. He has been in the news since arresting Aryan and has been accused by Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government. Now, recently, Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government, has made another big allegation.

He has asked Samir Wankhede sharp questions through social media. So far, he has raised questions about his marriage and sometimes his religion. Now, recently, Nawab Malik has made the next allegation against Sameer Wankhede. He shared a photo of Yasmin Wankhede's husband and while sharing the photo, Nawab Malik asked, 'Who is this person in the photo? How is it related to Sameer Wankhede and Dawood Wankhede? If find out, tell me too.'

Let me tell you that nawab malik has shared many similar pictures and some documents on social media before. It is on the basis of those photographs and documents that he is constantly levelling serious allegations against Sameer Wankhede. He has sometimes accused Sameer Wankhede of hiding his real religion and sometimes questioned his action. Not long ago Nawab Malik shared a photo of a bearded man on Twitter. During that time, he named him Kashif Khan who conducts fashion shows all over the country. Nawab Malik alleged that Sameer Wankhede had a good relationship with the man and had also joined the cruise party.

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