Will Naira be able to stop Karthik and Vedika's marriage?
Will Naira be able to stop Karthik and Vedika's marriage?

There are many TV shows that are coming up with one twist after another. In yesterday's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Karthik recalled that Naira left him. Now he has to move forward in life. At the same time, Akhilesh thinks that when Naira has come to know about Karthik's marriage, why is she not coming here and he feels that She is not making any difference to Karthik's marriage.

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On the other hand, When She is asked if Karthik's wedding will be a pompous one, Manish tells her that grandma will do what she wants. Manish tells Swarna that he has spoken to Akhilesh and his wife about what to do in preparation for the wedding but they did not come to her. Then, when Swarna says that there is a fight between them, there is nothing better between Gayu and Samarth.

On the other hand, Manish is told the whole thing, after which he says that if Naira was alive, it would have been all right, but Manish says that she is no longer alive. If her body was not found, Manish says she would not have been mad if he had found her body. On the other hand, Manish tells Swarna that she is harassing the people who are alive because of the dead.

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He also says that he should give Vedika a chance. At the same time, Karthik goes to his grandmother when he starts speaking to her why she does not eat medicine. Grandma says she forgot to eat medicine amidst wedding preparations, and Karthik says he's doing it for her, which makes her surprised to hear. She wants to know from Karthik if she has pressured him into marriage.

Then Vedika comes and she talks to her grandmother about getting the Savan Milne programme done and she accepts her. At the same time, while Sawan Milne is scheduled at Suhasini's house, Naira, along with Lisa, has a programme of Savan Milne and both remember each other in their homes.

At the same time, when Karthik's memories come to Naira, Kairav faints, and naira starts to get upset. There's also going to be a chandelier falling on Vedika that Karthik sees and what will happen next, it's going to be in the next episode.

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